4G/5G GSM Alarm Diallers

It doesn't matter how well you make the electronics and software, the fact remains the most unreliable part of traditional GSM diallers is the SIM card... so we got rid of SIM cards! Our diallers come with decades of prepaid connectivity on multiple networks meaning you just pay only for what you use. Cellular diallers the way they should be done!

 IoT SIM Dialler Mobile Phone SIM Dialler
Prepaid for a Decade Minimum Monthly Top Ups Forever
No Minimum Usage Disconnected if Not Regularly Used
Credit Never Expires Time Limited Credit
Multiple Network Redundancy   Single Network Only
Online Programming Included Requires Separate Data Allowance
Tested Every 4 Minutes with SMS Alert Cannot Notify you when Failed
Instant Multi-User Dialling/SMS Slow 1-by-1 Dialling/SMS
Text-to-Speech Calls Silent/DTMF Tones Only
The Right SIM for the Job SIM Designed for Mobile Phones
Unlimited Users Practical Call Limit 3-4 Recipients
Service Designed for Equipment Service Designed for Mobile Phones


If my dialler stops working how would I know?