4G & 5G Industrial IoT (IIoT) Control & Monitoring System DIN Rail NB-IoT MQTT

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4G & 5G IIoT Monitoring and Control System

4G - High speed, multiple networks

5G - Works deep underground and inside buildings where mobile phone won't reach


Our Cloud IoT systems are connected directly to a data center telecoms service. With connection to multiple networks and hourly testing by the cloud for the life of the unit, this is the most reliable monitor and control system available. 

  • No SIM card required! 
  • Each unit pinged every 4 minutes to check status
  • PAYG or Quarterly Billing
  • Credit never expires
  • No disconnection due to inactivity
  • Text-to-Speech voice calls
  • Dials all numbers at the same time
  • Send SMS to all numbers at the same time
  • Control relay outputs online, by SMS or by phone
  • MQTT broker service
  • The most reliable alarm dialler on the market

Send emails, SMS and make text-to-speech voice calls from your industrial control panel. 2-output relay switches are included and can be control via the website, by SMS, or by telephone. Additionally the output relays can be controlled by another unit located elsewhere, whether in the same building or on the other side of the plant!

MQTT connectivity also available.

All setup is done online using a PC or smart phone. Each message can be fully customised using the online portal. Basic programming can also be performed by SMS.

Every 4 minutes the unit is contacted by our server to ensure it is functioning correctly. Any critical faults found are sent to the master user by SMS and email.

We can offer online interactive support for any out of hours support issues here:


The 5G IoT networks, particularly NB-IoT, offer connectivity deep underground and inside buildings. They work where mobile phones do not work. The network sends the data to the dialler 2048 times so the dialler can determine the data from the background noise where there is barely any received signal. This is how the 5G dialler achieves such high levels of sensitivity. The downside? It's a slower. Messages can have up to a 1.6-10s delay. NB-IoT requires 5G Vodafone in your area and currently covers 98% of the UK. 1 bar on your phone outdoors will be fine. The 5G unit falls back onto GSM 2G where there is currently no NB-IoT or LTE-M coverage.

Order the 5G unit if you're installing the IoT system somewhere indoors where there is poor reception. The 4G unit gives high speed access to most networks worldwide and all 4 UK networks. 


Technical Specification

Networks: LTE(4G), LTE-M. NB-IoT, 3G, 2G

Inputs: 8x 0-36V - compatible with volt-free switches or can trigger off set voltages

Outpus: 2x 1A 50V

Enclosure: DIN Rail (RailBox 22mm)

Supply Voltage/Current: 12-24V 0.02A (idle)



Calls and text messages are charged at a flat rate worldwide as follows:


Outgoing Charges

Calls: £0.10 per call

SMS: £0.10 per SMS

VoIP Call: £0.03 per call (coming soon)

VoIP Message: £0.01 per message (coming soon)

Email: £0.00 (Free and unlimited)

Incoming Charges

Dial-ins: £0.00 (Free)

SMS: £0.01


There are no monthly or on-going service charges - you just pay for your calls and SMS usage if there are any (emails are free). The unit is supplied with £5 free call credit which will never expire. The SMS and call balance can be topped up from the Live Screen by Paypal.


Can I use my own SIM? No this is not possible. The connection to the major networks in most countries has been prepaid for the life of the unit so there is no need to pay twice. Hence there is no SIM card holder.

The question is why would you want to? We have access to more than one of the major networks at the same time creating a much more reliable product than is possible with a single network mobile phone SIM. We also do the dialling and messaging in the cloud which removes the single point of failure associated with a simple SIM card based diallers. This is the only way to achieve high long term reliability. 


For further information please visit here:

Demo:  https://priory-electronics.com/index.html#demo

Interactive Online Help: https://iot-portal.com/help.php

SMS Programming

Online Programming

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