5G GSM Alarm Dialler for Honeywell ADE G4 Alarms Keypad, SMS, Calls and Email

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IoT-Portal Alarm Dialler for Honeywell ADE Alarms

  • 5G IoT & 2G UK networks
  • Vodafone, EE & O2 Included
  • Comes with SIM card
  • Works with any wired alarm
  • SMS, Emails and Text-to-Speech Calls
  • 20 SMS & 20 calls per month included
  • First year included in price
  • £24 annual renewal (after year 1)
  • Unlimited emails


Keypad Access

The IoT-Portal Honeywell ADE G4 alarm dialler gives you access to the keypad via your phone or PC. Using the app, you can access you alarm panel from anywhere allowing you to see the cause of an alarm and allowing you to type your keypad code to arm and disarm your alarm. Make your old ADE alarm a smart alarm with the IoT-Portal dialler!


Simple Wiring


The dialler requires just 5 connections; +13V, 0V, B(ell), SET and COMMS. The allows you to see when the bell is sounding (triggering SMS, calls and emails) and if the alarm is set/unset. The COMMS wire allows the dialler to appear as a keypad to the alarm panel. You can also monitor mains power with IP3.



Low Operating Costs

The first year of service is included in the price. This includes 20 SMS and 20 calls each month (renews 1st of month). After the first year it can be renewed at £24 (inc. VAT)** for another years of service with 20/20 SMS/Calls.

They have access to the latest NB-IoT and LTE-M networks provided by Vodafone and O2 giving connection deep into buildings and underground long into the future (UK rollout over 99% complete).

Compared to traditional mobile phone SIM card diallers or WiFi diallers, iot-portal diallers are extremely good value.


Advanced Features

  • Text-to-Speech calls
  • DTMF tones can be played in call
  • Conference calls
  • Bell silencing during call
  • Voice Recognition
  • Sequential or Simultaneous Calling
  • Sends SMS to all numbers at once
  • PC, Phone or App Setup
  • QR codes for initial access

Monitored by the Portal

All iot-portal diallers are monitored by the cloud. Every 4 minutes the portal contacts the dialler to confirm it's working. If the dialler doesn't hear from the portal it automatically reboots itself. If the dialler goes missing for over an hour, an email and optional SMS message is sent to the Admin and Full Access phones and email addresses. 

Firmware updates are applied automatically by the portal when required. You can rest assured, if you keep it powered up, we'll keep it running!


Out of allowance PAYG charges (credit never expires)

Calls: £0.10 per call

SMS: £0.10 per SMS

Email: Free £0.00


Comes with £5 starter credit and 20 SMS/Calls for testing in addition to the 20/20 SMS and Calls.


Quick Start Guide


Application Notes Below

Call/message until cancelled: AP0106 - Repeating Calls and Messages

Allowing users to view the inputs: AP0107 - View Screen Access 

Delaying sending immediately: AP0103 - Input Event Hold

Temporarily Switching off the Dialler: AP0102 - Message and Play Pausing

Build a Monitored Remote Control System: AP0101 - Monitored Remote Control


**Renewal fee subject to RPI at 4.9% per annum