4G/5G Cloud Keyfob Door Entry Access Control System

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EveryDoor Access Controllers use the 4G and 5G mobile networks to connect your door to the cloud.

Use your phone as the tag reader to add new tags and manage entire system.

Cost: We’ve prepaid the charges for the life of the unit on over 100 networks

Connectivity: 5G IoT networks offer connectivity deep indoors and underground

Cloud: Control and monitor your site from anywhere using a PC or Phone

Find out more at https://www.priory-access.com

EveryDoor Cloud Access Control Systems come with prepaid cellular connectivity on all major mobile phone networks globally for the life of the unit. This allows you to control, monitor and program your door keypads and RFID Tag readers from anywhere in the world; whether on-site or remote.

 The 5G NB-IoT network provides coverage deep indoors and even underground. This combined with the all inclusive data access means network cabling is completely redundant. We offer all the benefits of networked access control with the simplicity of standalone systems.

  • 4G and 5G Systems Available
  • 4G Ideal for Reception (Good Signal)
  • 5G Ideal for Deep within Buildings (Poor Signal)
  • Cloud Based
  • Change Keypad Codes from Anywhere
  • Low cost tags
  • Order pre-programmed tags online
  • Control Time/Days of Week for each User
  • Monitor Door and User Activity Online
  • NB-IoT Networks work Indoors and Underground
  • 4000 Users per Controller


The Network

The controller connects your door readers to the internet using the mobile phone network. The data costs have been prepaid the life of the unit. There is no need for there to be any internet access on-site and there is no need for any data cabling to be installed!

The 5G NB-IoT and LTE-M networks give access deep into building and even underground. These networks are available where normal mobile phone networks cannot get to. 

We have access to over 100 mobile networks worldwide on 4G-mobile and 5G-IoT networks with services provided by T-Mobile. We can access all major UK networks.

Control and Monitoring

The online portal has a history log which is updated live over the internet every time the door is opened. This allows you to see who opened the door and when they did it.

Keypad codes of up to 8 digits can be added and removed for each user using a mobile phone or PC. The new code can be sent to the user via email (free of charge) or via SMS (10p per message). Additionally, RFID tags can be associated with each user for tag access and removed when necessary.

Each user can have time-of-day and day-of-week time restrictions with up to 4000 users per controller.

The Live Screen for each door allows users with web-access to operate the door lock over the internet. Dial-to-Open access control is available on every unit for an additional £15 per annum.

4G units are faster than 5G units. The 4G unit should be used on a front door where it can be operated manually via the webpage. 5G units works deep underground and in buildings where there is no mobile reception.

Tag reads and keypad codes work instantly on all models, however, manual door opening requests can take between 1.6-10s on 5G as opposed to <1s on 4G.

Click here for Device Quick Start Guide

Click here for the Portal Quick Start Guide



PAYG Charges

Online Access

Free for life

Incoming Calls


Dial-to-Open Telephone Number

£20 per annum

Incoming SMS


Outgoing SMS


Outgoing Calls


Mail My Tag:

2nd Class Royal Mail Delivery £2.49

1st Class Royal Mail Delivery £2.99

1st Class Signed For Delivery £4.99

Special Delivery 1pm Next Day £8.99