5G GSM Dial-to-Open Gate and Garage Door Opener

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4G/5G Dial-to-Open Gate and Garage Opener

Our Dial-to-Open units allow visitors to open your electric gate, roller shutter or garage door simply by dialling a telephone number. Once the number of the caller has been identified the call is rejected and the barrier is opened. As the call is rejected it does not cost the caller anything.

  • Manage online via the iot-portal.
  • Initial setup using QR code.
  • There is space for an unlimited number of users.
  • The 5G modem future proofs the system.
  • Additional keyfob and keypad access available.
  • Program RFID tags using your mobile phone!
  • Includes ALL UK GSM networks!

Annual network fee of £20 including VAT payable via the iot-portal on a PAYG basis. 1st year included in price. Top up links are emailed and sent by SMS a month before, when due and after the expiry date.

Can be expanded to add RFID tag reader.

All PCBs comes with an RS-12-15 power supply - do not wire these to gate controller 24VAC transformer outputs. The PCB requires the surge protected output of the 12VDC power supply.