4G GSM Door Entry/Gate Intercom with Keypad Dial-to-Open SIM Free

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Priory Access 4G VoLTE SIM Card Intercom for Electric Gates & Doors

These unique intercoms are the absolute highest quality 4G intercoms available. Priory Access are 4G and 5G electronics experts and designed the intercom without compromise specifically as a mobile phone based intercom. 

  • Highly Aesthetic Design
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • VoLTE/IMS Tested on UK and Ireland Networks
  • Wire Free Design
  • Solid Void-Free Enclosure

The internal circuit board is fully integrated with the aerial, microphone and keypad all part of the main PCB assembly. This removes any unnecessary wiring inside the intercom which can cause erratic operation in cellular intercoms. The 3-piece design incorporates the front push switch within the mid layer which connects to the main PCB through gold plated contacts. The replaceable front trim is secured to the intercom using magnets creating an attractive screw-less finish. 

The intercom has a void free design where there is minimal empty space within the enclosure creating an extremely strong finished product. Typically intercoms are more like empty boxes which are vulnerable to being crushed when impacted. The solid void free design is extremely robust.


Easy Installation

Cellular technology is a complicated business but we've made installation and programming easy with our voice assistance and simple commands. To simplify the physical installation, all Priory Access intercoms feature an internal aerial to avoid additional cabling and brackets. Keeping the aerial within the main unit also gives the absolute best possible radio performance as external aerials will attentuate the signal.

  • Internal Aerial
  • 12-24V AC/DC Power
  • Voice Assistance
  • 2 Output Relays
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • QR Code Setup


Fully Featured

iDG intercoms create a full access control system programmable by SMS or via the iot-portal.com. 

  • 1000 Phone User Memory
  • Dial-to-Open
  • 7-day Timer for Regular Opening
  • SMS Control and Programming
  • Portal Access
  • Up to 1000 codes Keypad Access
  • Keypad programming by SMS & Online
  • Full & Automatic Remote Firmware Updates


Priory Access 4G intercoms allow you to speak to visitors at your property no matter where you are in the world. Using the latest VoLTE 4G audio codecs the audio quality of the calls is superb.
When connected to an electric gate or door, simply pressing a key on your phone during the call grants access to your visitor. You can additionally add up to 1000 phone numbers to the intercom for dial-to-open access control.
Keypad units offer a fully remotely configurable keypad access control solution programmed by SMS or online.

What is VoLTE?

At the end of 2025 the analogue phone networks will be shutdown in Europe including the UK. 2G may still be around for data but the voice and SMS capability will certainly be gone. That is the reason you'll need a 4G intercom then.

The replacement on 4G is the IP Multimedia System (IMS) with Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Even now some UK networks (mostly O2) have not fully implemented this. One network that has is EE. Many current '4G' intercoms on the market will not work correctly on EE because EE primarily uses VoLTE and frequently will not revert back to 2G or 3G. 

We're pleased to say our 4G intercom has been fully tested to work on UK networks. O2 and Vodafone only offer VoLTE to their own contract customers. They do not offer VoLTE calls to PAYG and their virutal operators like GiffGaff and ASDA. These networks will still be using 2G or 3G for calls.

To check out if your SIM and network is VoLTE capable send the 'Network Status' command:

LTE Status
Signal: 21/31
VoLTE Ready: Y
IMS Ready: Y


 Front Acrylic 3mm
 Base Acetal 16mm
 Mid-Layer Acrylic 10mm
 Seals Closed Cell Foam 1mm
 Technology 4G LTE Cat-1, 3G UMTS, 2G GSM
 Voltage 12-24V DC or AC
 Current ~20mA Idle 100mA During Calls
 Relay Max Voltage 50VDC/AC
 Relay Max Current 1A
 Dial-to-Open 1000 Users
 Keypad Codes 1000 Users


Manufactured in the UK. 2 year warranty.

Programming and Wiring Guide 

CE Declaration of Conformance certificate