4G/5G Door Entry Access Control System for Airbnb and Popup Offices

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Airbnb and Small Office Access Control System


The 4G/5G IoT Access Control system allows you to monitor and control access to your Air B&B properties no matter where you are!

You can change your keypad codes using your smart phone and monitor the times and dates your Air B&B clients enter and leave your property. 

There is no requirement for Wi-Fi or internet on-site as the PCB comes with a SIM card pre-paid for 5 years (£60 renewal for 5 years)!

You can also control additional appliances such as the heating using the second output terminal.

You can also send your tenants temporary QR codes for access via QR code which is harder to share than a keypad code.

Controller comes with 1x standard MiFare Keypad Reader and 10 tags.


  • 4G and 5G Networks Available
  • Cloud Based
  • Change Keypad Codes from Anywhere
  • Low cost tags
  • Control Time/Days of Week for each User
  • Monitor Door and User Activity Online
  • NB-IoT Networks work Indoors and Underground
  • 4000 Users per Controller


The Network

The controller connects your door readers to the internet using the mobile phone network. The data costs have been prepaid the life of the unit. There is no need for there to be any internet access on-site and there is no need for any data cabling to be installed!

The 5G NB-IoT and LTE-M networks give access deep into building and even underground. These networks are available where normal mobile phone networks cannot get to. 

We have access to over 150 mobile networks worldwide on 4G-mobile and 5G-IoT networks with services provided by T-Mobile. We can access all major UK networks.

Restricting Keypad Access to 1 Door

Click here for Device Quick Start Guide

Click here for the Portal Quick Start Guide


Ongoing Charges

£50+VAT every 5 years

First 5 years included in price.