Will cheap Chinese 4G gate openers survive the 2G shut down?

Posted by Michael Beaver on

In the video Michael investigates if the 4G version of the RTU5024 and the '4G' G202 Plus gate openers can handle 4G calls. This will be required after the 2G/3G shutdown.

The G202 Plus is simply a 2G unit with 2G internals. 

The RTU5024 has the same modem as some AES Global intercoms and the same baseband chips as the £900 Videx 4K intercom so that should work right? Sadly they haven't configured their software correctly to enable 4G calling so that doesn't work either.

For 4G calling on all UK and EU networks you need an LTE Cat1bis Rel13+ chipset as found in Priory Access intercom and Gate Openers. Other companies can only offer partial service on limited networks.