July 23: Network Usage

Posted by Michael Beaver on

We have some stats regarding network usage on our 5G diallers. These devices have 2G, NB-IoT and LTE-M available to them. They are set to select LTE-M as their primary network, 2G as their secondary network and NB-IoT as their last choice. This is the order of network latency with NB-IoT having the highest latency (delays in message sending and receiving).

Network usage is as follows:

LTE-M: 22%

NB-IoT: 15%

2G: 63%


It does appear most devices are using 2G however there are some reasons for this which may not reflect the true network usage. Firstly, when the device is physically moved it will tend to revert to 2G. This is down to the network. This is the point at which people load the 'Live Screen' and we record the network it is using.

Furthermore, we only have access to the '5G' bands on Vodafone and O2 so a lot of these other connections are going to be on EE or international (e.g. Ireland where LTE-M isn't available).

Our network selections stats are as follows:

EE: 22%

Vodafone: 49%

O2: 29%