Ireland 2G/3G Shutdown and 5G Rollout August 23

Posted by Michael Beaver on

Whilst I'm in Ireland I thought I'd fire up a few boards and see what networks we still have available in Dublin. They're shutting down 3G on Vodafone as I type. At the moment though, it appears to still be available here:


+COPS: (from an EG91-E)

(1,"3","3","27205",7) Three 4G

(1,"IRL - METEOR","METEOR","27203",2) Eir 3G

(1,"IRL - METEOR","METEOR","27203",7) Eir 4G

(1,"IRL - METEOR","METEOR","27203",0) Eir 2G

(1,"3","3","27202",0) Three/O2 2G

(1,"vodafone IE","voda IE","27201",2) Vodafone 3G

(1,"vodafone IE","voda IE","27201",0) Vodafone 2G

(2,"3","3","27202",2) Three 3G

(1,"vodafone IE","voda IE","27201",7) Vodafone 4G


When it comes to the IoT bands we have to use another board with a BG95-M3 modem:

We have access to the standard 3 2G networks


(1,"IRL - METEOR","METEOR","27203",0)

(1,"vodafone IE","voda IE","27201",0)

Additionally we have 2x IoT 5G networks:

(1,"3","3","27205",8) Three LTE-M

(2,"3Ireland","3IRL","27205",9) NB-IoT 3 Ireland (selected)


Michael (Priory Access Ltd)