iPhone PWA App Installation

Posted by Michael Beaver on

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) allow developers to produce just one app that is available across all devices whether that's a PC, Android phone or Apple iPhone. The actual app is just your chosen browser (either Chrome or Safari) which is generally more preferable for users than installing a proprietary app from a smaller company less able to keep up to date with security developments.

Installing the https://iot-portal.com/app portal app is a slightly different procedure on an iPhone as it is on an Android.

The first stage is to visit the portal app page:


Here you should enter your email address (if you have not already entered your phone number into a iot-portal.com product). If the portal already knows your phone number, you can choose to enter your phone number.

You will be sent a link by email or phone which will log you into the app. On an Android phone there is an install button in the top right of the screen. This may briefly flash on the screen on an iPhone. If it remains, simply click this button.

If the Install button does not appear, click the details arrow shown below.


Now click 'Add to Home Screen' button to have app appear as an installed app on the home screen of your device.