2021 Products

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  • New 4G keypad and 2-button intercoms available May 2021
  • 2G Dial-to-Open includes free service until 2026 (no paying for SIM cards!)
  • 4G intercoms available with trade discount
  • All 2G products discontinued in 2021
  • 4G diallers and gate openers only available at retail price in 2021 due to limited supply



There is a global shortage of silicon chips and this is mainly affecting the high end chips such as the 4G chipsets we use in our new 4G products.


We have very limited availability of 4G modems so we’re prioritising our 4G intercom systems over the general dialler and gate opener products. We have an obligation to supply our DIN rail unit which has used up all of our allowance already unfortunately.


Most silicon components we use have a 6 month lead time and this includes the 2G M66 module from our C5 gate opener and dialler product. With 2G ending throughout Europe on the 31st of December 2025 and the shortage of components, we’ve discontinued the original C5 with the M66 module.


We have sourced, as an alternative to the M66, the SIM800 2G modem for the C505 PCB. With this module we will continue to produce 2G diallers and gate openers until the end of 2021 then we will discontinue all 2G products once we have a larger quota of 4G modems.


This board comes with an eSIM fitted with access to most major networks throughout Europe until the GSM end date. Dialling into this unit for gate opening is free until the GSM end date in 2026 along with control via the Live Screen. Outgoing SMS and calls are £0.10p each with free email. Incoming SMS are charged at £0.01.

We will be adding Ireland (+353) numbers to this portal this year.


We made a build of the old Advent Controls SIM free firmware for this unit but have decided not to release it as it’s very limited and doesn’t work on O2 and possibly other networks in Europe. The eSIM will already have free access to your chosen network and so there is no advantage to sourcing your own SIM.