Professional Car Park Management System

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4G & 5G Car Park Management System

Car Park Access Control System for commercial car parks and apartments

Flexible Access Control

  • Dial-to-Open Access
  • Clickable SMS & Email Links
  • QR Code Readers
  • Key Tag/Card Readers
  • Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) (due Dec 2022)
  • 4G Primary Opener
  • 5G Backup Opener


About 1 in 500 calls to the dial-to-open system will fail due to temporary network unavailability. This is unavoidable with any dial-to-open system. It lasts about 1-2 minutes. The car park management system features a primary and backup opener giving service during the network time slot renewal periods which gets around this issue. This is essential for busy car parks and apartments.

Manage system either online with a PC or smart phone.

Integration into existing building management system via REST API or MQTT.

Uses 2 independent 4G and 5G control units (primary and backup) for high reliability.

Access to multiple mobile networks for high level redundancy.

Gate open timer alerts.

Gate fault and service notifications.


Technical Specification

Networks: LTE(4G) Primary; LTE-M. NB-IoT, 3G, 2G Backup

UK Networks: Vodafone, EE, 3 & O2

Inputs: 16x 0-36V - compatible with volt-free switches or can trigger off set voltages

Outpus: 2x 1A 50V

Enclosure: DIN Rail (RailBox 22mm)

Supply Voltage/Current: 12-24V 0.02A (idle)


Annual Fee



Outgoing Charges

SMS: £0.10 per SMS

Email: £0.00 (Free and unlimited)


Incoming Charges

Dial-ins: £0.00 (Free)

SMS: £0.01