4G, GSM and 3G Door Entry Intercom with Dial-to-Open SIM Free Any Network

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iDG 4G Door Entry Intercom for Electric Gates & Doors

  • Works on 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • Internal Aerial
  • Slimline Design (1.8cm)
  • 12-24V AC/DC Power
  • 1000 Phone User Memory
  • Dial-to-Open
  • SMS Control and Programming
  • Any Mobile Network (including 3)
  • Good Audio Quality
  • 2 Output Relays
  • Weatherproof Design



iDG 4G intercoms allow you to speak to visitors at your property no matter where you are in the world. Using the latest VoLTE 4G audio codecs the audio quality of the calls is superb.
When connected to an electric gate or door, simply pressing a key on your phone during the call grants access to your visitor. You can additionally add up to 1000 phone numbers to the intercom for dial-to-open access control.

The Design

When designing the 4G intercom range we wanted a compact, slim, attractive unit that would look great outside the finest property. Gone are bulky the metal boxes of traditional intercoms. To minimise the physical dimensions, we machine the base of the unit out of a solid piece of high density polyethylene – a tough and stable plastic, and fit a custom designed 1-piece circuit board utilising low profile surface mount components.
The user facing front panel is machined out of 5mm thick Perspex sheet giving an extremely strong and attractive finish that is only possible to achieve with this material.
The front panel is finished with high quality backlit stainless steel buttons available with blue or white backlight.


The 4G networks give you access from anywhere in the world… so we believe every setting should be able to be set remotely. Our simple SMS programming allows everything from the numbers the intercom rings to the volume of the microphone to be configured remotely. If your chosen SIM card includes a data allowance you can also access your system via the online portal allowing programming numbers and controlling your gate via your PC or phone.
Need support? Just press and hold the call button for 10 seconds to be put through to our dedicated support hotline.


iDG intercoms are based around Qualcomm’s 4G chipsets giving seamless access to 2G, 3G and 4G networks. With 3G shutting in Europe in 2021 and 2G shutting in 2025, 4G is essential on any new installation. Anything other than 4G will be obsolete in just a few years time.


For simple and efficient installation all iDG intercoms feature an internal aerial; there is no need for additional mounting holes or running a coaxial cable out of our intercoms.
For poor signal areas, the existing antenna may be removed and replaced with a high gain antenna on an extension cable.
Typically installers prefer to power intercoms from gate controller auxiliary power supplies which vary from 12VDC up to 24VAC. Consequently iDG designed the intercom to be powered directly by any power source in this wide voltage range.


Good design leads to efficient manufacturing processes. Our circuit boards are 98% machine built and the body of the intercom is built by an automated CNC machine. Only final assembly and testing is done by hand significantly reducing the cost of manufacture with this saving being passed onto the end user.



There is space in the memory for 1000 numbers. They can be numbers to call or numbers who can dial in and open your gate. To add and remove numbers for dial-to-open you simply send the following SMS:
add 07123456789.
remove 07123456789.

Two output relays allow control of both a main gate and pedestrian gate. The # and * relays operated via your phone's '#'/'*' keys.


Manufactured in the UK. 2 year warranty.


Keypad Programming Guide

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