4G, 3G and GSM Dial-to-Open Gate, Garage and Roller Shutter Opener

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4G Dial-to-Open System (European Bands)


  • Service provided by Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile)
  • Runs on EE, O2 and Vodafone in UK (Vodafone & 3 in Ireland)
  • No SIM card required!!
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 2 incoming numbers per PCB; Dial one number to open & other to close
  • No risk of disconnection due to inactivity
  • No need for keep alive calls
  • Advanced user controls - time of day, days of week, expiry date
  • Voice messages assist users when they don't have access
  • 24/7 timer


Each relay can have a unique telephone number assigned to it giving open and close control purely by dialing or by SMS. Additionally, the always on web page allows control of the gate via a smart phone or PC.

For multi-user sites programming can be done by PC or Smart phone using the online portal.

Additionally, programming can be performed purely by SMS which is ideal for small sites.

The unit accepts an unlimited number of users.

The gate can also be controlled at any point from the 'Live Screen' available on the unit's own webpage - available on PC or Smart Phones.

Dial-to-Open £1 per month - taken from PAYG balance with £5 free credit

Incoming Calls


Incoming SMS


Outgoing SMS


Outgoing Calls




How it works

You may be familiar with traditional dial-to-open systems where you dial the SIM card number which operates the output relay to open your gate. These require a mobile phone SIM card which must see regular usage to avoid it being barred from the network. This has been a constant problem over the last 10 years of supporting these products. Obviously mobile phone networks do not provide a SIM card designed for this purpose but they do offer a solution...

Our system works differently. We use the latest Internet-of-Things 'IoT' class of eSIM chips which can roam on all major networks throughout Europe. These are the SIMs the networks want you to use in this type of equipment.

The telephone number you dial is not linked to the SIM so each output relay can have it's own number making it possible to open and close a barrier with a number to open and a number to close. You can also operate two barriers with the same unit.

The database of numbers is stored in the cloud on a secure AWS instance instead of on the actual unit which allows for an unlimited numbers of users and advanced control of times and dates to be easily configured. Dialling in results in a secure https connection being made to the remote gate opener unit to tell it to release the barrier.

The portal is regularly maintained giving existing users access to all the latest features throughout the life of the unit.

Dial-in, SMS and Online control is seamless and instant. There is no need to find a suitable SIM card and manage it yourself. Maintenance of the unit is taken care of by us and has mostly been prepaid with the networks for a decade.

3G ends this year (2021) and 2G ends 31st December 2025. You will need a 4G unit after this date. Don't waste your money on 3G; it's over this year throughout Europe.


For European customers, we have connectivity to at least two networks in every country throughout Europe. Please inquire if you would like confirmation of availability on your chosen network.


For further information please visit here:

Demo:  https://priory-electronics.com/index.html#demo

Interactive Online Help: https://iot-portal.com/help.php

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