Honeywell ADE Accenta/Optima Gen4 G4 WiFi Alarm dialer SMS Text Alert

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The WiFi Alarm Dialer is designed to allow 2-way communication from your Honeywell ADE Accenta Alarm panel and your mobile phone. The WiFi version uses your home/business internet to communicate and call/message you. 

  • Small size allows installation within alarm panel
  • Pre-wired for quick and easy installation
  • SMS message can be customised
  • Arm and Disarm using remote keypad on smart phone
  • Ultra simple programming and set up
  • Dials, send SMS messages
  • Full keypad access using web browser
  • Click here for a Demo

    Demonstration of a WiFi dialler performing concurrent dialling 

    Setting up WiFi on a WiFi only model



    Calls and texts are made and sent to multiple numbers when the alarm sounds or (optionally) when the alarm is set and unset. All numbers are called and messaged at the same time. The text message can be changed and is read out during the phone call.

    Using a web browser on a phone or PC you have access to the keypad as if you were using the keypad on site!  

    SMS and calls are charged at £0.15 for each call and message. 

    Please note some features are not compatible with older G3 alarm panels. This will function perfectly as a dialler/SMS sender and you will be able to send individual key presses to the panel. However, the G3 panel does not output any text to the screen and does not provide a suitable SET output for this dialler. This is a limitation in the older G3 alarm panels and not the dialler.


    What is a Cloud Dialler?