WiFi Alarm Dialler and SMS Sender for Fire/Burglar Alarms (Cloud Dialer)

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Our Cloud Alarm Diallers are connected directly to a data centre telecoms service. When an alarm event is triggered, all calls and messages are performed all at the same time by the cloud.

Demonstration of a WiFi dialler performing concurrent dialling

Setting up WiFi on a WiFi only model


The Alarm Dialer is ideal for use in Burglar or Fire Alarms as a universal fit cell phone Auto-Dialer/SMS Message Sender with email. With 2 inputs both the intruder alarm bell and set/unset status can be monitored. Similarly on fire panels the fire alarm bell and fault output can be monitored. By default alarm activation on input A triggers SMS messages and telephone dialling. Set/unset or fault activation on input B triggers emails sending which is free.

The messages are user customisable and will be read out during a telephone call. The system can call and text an unlimited number of users.

The WiFi only version allows SMS messages to be sent and calls to be made to any landline or mobile phone without requiring a SIM card to be fitted. Calls and messages are made via the cloud and the device uses your home or business WiFi for connectivity without recurring monthly costs (call/SMS charges apply). The WiFi version comes with £5 free credit.

Setup is performed using a web-browser on any internet enabled device including Smart Phones, PCs, Macs and tablets. If your device has a web browser like Chrome, it can be used to set up the system.

The Live Screen for your device displays your current account balance and can be topped up by £5, £10 or £20 by using the Paypal button. Email messages are always free (ideal for set/unset messages). Alarm SMS and calls costs are displayed below.

Standard Call and SMS Pricing (WiFi & GSM):


£0.15 per message (UK, US*, AU + EU Mobiles)
£0.15 per call (UK, US*, AU + EU Mobiles and Landlines)
Set/Unset/Fault emails are free


WiFi units work globally