Cellular Dial-to-Open Gate and Garage Door Opener +5 years prepaid SIM (GSM, NB-IoT, LTE-Cat1)

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Our Dial-to-Open units allow visitors to open your electric gate, roller shutter or garage door simply by dialling a telephone number. Once the number of the caller has been identified the call is rejected and the barrier is opened. As the call is rejected it does not cost anything.

The system is supplied with a SIM card which has 5 years service already paid for. No top ups or monthly fees are required for 5 years! No risk of disconnection due to inactivity. This is a true fit and forget system!

Each relay can have a unique telephone number assigned to it giving open and close control purely by dialing. Additionally, the always on web page allows control of the gate via a smart phone or PC.

Programming is done by PC or Smart phone using the online portal.

The unit accepts an unlimited number of users.

The gate can also be controlled at any point from the 'Live Screen' available on the unit's own webpage - available on PC or Smart Phones.


For further information please visit here:

Demo:  https://priory-electronics.com/index.html#demo

Interactive Online Help: https://iot-portal.com/help.php


Annual charge after 5 years is £12pa


Currently the NB-IoT network in the UK is run by Vodafone only. Similarly the LTE Cat-1 service is operated by O2 only.


For European customers, we have connectivity to networks with both SIMs in every country throughout Europe. Please inquire if you would like confirmation of availability on your chosen network.


Why is there no 3G option? 3G was set to be discontinued in most European countries in 2019. This process is due for completion in 2020. 2G is the only viable option for the next 5 years. 4G systems such as the NB-IoT dialler and LTE Cat1 are available but will only work in certain areas in most European countries. Check with Vodafone and Telefonica as to availability where you live.