Honeywell ADE Accenta/Optima Gen4 G4 GSM Alarm dialer SMS Text Alert

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The Honeywell G4 Alarm dialler gives you access to you ADE G4 alarm panel via your mobile phone. When the alarm sounds you will receive a call and/or SMS message from the unit. During the call you customisable message will be read out.

The dialler comes with a SIM prepaid until the GSM end date in 2026. You just pay for any calls and SMS messages used during this time on a PAYG basis. The dialler comes with £5 free credit.

  • Small size allows installation within alarm panel
  • Pre-wired for quick and easy installation
  • SMS message can be customised
  • Arm and Disarm using remote keypad on smart phone
  • Ultra simple programming and set up
  • Dials, send SMS messages
  • Full keypad access using web browser
  • Calls and texts are made and sent to multiple numbers when the alarm sounds or (optionally) when the alarm is set and unset. All numbers are called and messaged at the same time. The text message can be changed and is read out during the phone call.

    SMS and calls are charged at £0.10 for each call and message.