Cellular Cloud Dialler and SMS Sender for Intruder & Fire Alarms 5 Years Prepaid (O2/Vodafone)

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Our Cloud Alarm Diallers are connected directly to a data center telecoms service. With connection to multiple networks and hourly testing by the cloud for the life of the unit, this is the most reliable alarm dialler available. 

  • Multiple network connectivity included
  • Each unit tested remotely every 45 minutes
  • 5 years service included (£12pa thereafter)
  • Just pay for calls and SMS
  • Credit never expires
  • No disconnection due to inactivity
  • Text-to-Speech voice calls
  • Dials all numbers at the same time
  • Send SMS to all numbers at the same time
  • The most reliable GSM dialler on the market


Our cellular alarm diallers come with an any network SIM card pre-paid for the next 5 years of service. No worrying about disconnection, losing call credit or making regular keep alive calls.

Cellular Alarm Dialler with 5 years service

The Alarm Dialer is ideal for use in Burglar or Fire Alarms as a universal fit cell phone Auto-Dialer/SMS Message Sender with email. With 2 inputs both the intruder alarm bell and set/unset status can be monitored.

Similarly, on fire panels the fire alarm bell and fault output can be monitored. By default, alarm activation on input A triggers SMS messages and telephone dialling (messages are read out during the call). Set/unset or fault activation on input B triggers emails sending which is free.

All setup is done online using a PC or smart phone. Each messages can be fully customised using the online portal.

The supplied SIM allows us to monitor the status of the dialler at all times. Each hour the unit is contacted by our server to ensure it is functioning correctly. Any critical faults found are sent to the master user by SMS and email.

As we can monitor the SIM card status we can guide installers through the installation and maintenance process unlike with traditional mobile phone SIM card based diallers.


Calls and text messages are charged at a flat rate worldwide as follows:

Calls: £0.10 per call

SMS: £0.10 per SMS

Email: FREE


There are no monthly or on-going service charges - you just pay for your calls and SMS usage if there are any (emails are free). The unit is supplied with £5 free call credit which will never expire. The SMS and call balance can be topped up from the Live Screen by Paypal.


Can I use my own SIM? No this is not possible. The robustness of the system as a whole is dependent on access to our own secure VPN. This is only possible using our IoT SIM cards.

The question is why would you want to? Our SIM cards have access to more than one of the major networks at the same time creating a much more reliable product than is possible with a single network mobile phone SIM. We also do the dialling and messaging in the cloud which removes the single point of failure associated with a simple SIM card based diallers. This is the only way to achieve high long term reliability. 


For further information please visit here:

Demo:  https://priory-electronics.com/index.html#demo

Interactive Online Help: https://iot-portal.com/help.php


The 5 year SIM uses the Vodafone and O2 networks. If you require EE please chose the pay monthly plan available elsewhere. After 5 years, annual connectivity costs £12 per annum.

We have two 4G options. Currently the NB-IoT network in the UK is run by Vodafone only. Similarly the LTE Cat-1 service is operated by O2 only.

In the Republic of Ireland we offer connectivity to Vodafone and 3. We have coverage in every European country.

Why is there no 3G option? 3G was set to be discontinued in most European countries in 2019. This process is due for completion in 2020. 2G is the only viable option for the next 5 years. 4G systems such as the NB-IoT dialler and LTE Cat1 are available but will only work in certain areas in most European countries. Check with Vodafone and Telefonica as to availability where you live.